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Air Freight vs Ocean Freight Cost
08 Nov, 2019

The global supply chain, as well as the bulk of international trade, is driven by air and ocean freight. Choosing one or the other may however present some challenge for most businesses. A lot of things, especially as these relate to cost have to be considered when you just have to choose either of the two. Here at BYEXPRESS Worldwide, we understand what either decision entails.


Estimating the Air freight vs Ocean freight Cost Difference

At BYEXPRESS Worldwide, we understand that value and cost-efficiency will be one of your top priorities when it comes to shipping. As it turns out, your budget limits will definitely play a role should you have to choose between air and ocean freight. Most people will tell you that ocean freights are usually cheaper than air freight but this is not always true. 


Being able to estimate your costs will prove very important. While airlines often use a chargeable weight formula, ocean carriers charge according to container size. Although weight may play a role occasionally, much of the costs of using an ocean carrier will be based on how bulky or large the cargo is. Smaller shipments are often priced with cubic meter square measurements. In essence, while ocean carriers are best used for large shipments, the price advantage continues to reduce the smaller your shipment gets, to a point where an air freight may even be a cheaper option.


In calculating and estimating air freight vs ocean freight cost, one has to put enough emphasis as well on the destination charges. You may be charged customs fees and other destination fees even when you’ve not budgeted for this initially. If you would be shipping via the sea, do make some preparations for warehousing fees that may have to be paid on getting to the seaport. These fees may even be more than what you’d normally be charged at an airport. 


Bottom line

While cost is a major deciding factor, it is not everything that has to be considered when making your decision. Other factors such as reliability, speed, special charges for the goods, as well as your stand on environmental impact can also be factored into the decision-making process. 

Take for instance a business that majorly deals in perishables. Justifying an ocean freight for goods like these such as fruits and flowers will be totally out of place. Same as with those who have to transport bulky items like cars, boats, etc. transporting such types of goods seem impractical for air freight. In both instances, one has to choose the route that makes the most sense. 



Every supply chain should have value, reliability, and efficiency at its core. At BYEXPRESS Worldwide, we strive to supply this with every logistics transaction you have to make. We are the world’s largest marketplace for businesses, organizations, and individuals to connect with some of the worlds’ most reliable carriers. We bring to you unlimited choice and freedom in choosing your ideal air and ocean carrier from a pool of highly competent and well-experienced carriers.

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