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Helpful Tips for International Shipping
17 Jun, 2019

At BYEXPRESS Worldwide, we have always been committed to helping businesses, organizations, and individuals with shipments across borders. Over time, we’ve seen how complex and challenging this can be on most occasions. Language difference, currency differences, and diverse cultural challenges are always present. But then, customs still appears to be the major difference you have to deal with when shipping overseas.

For our esteemed community at BYEXPRESS Worldwide, here are five if the most valuable tips that will help you navigate customs regulations easier and without unnecessary delays to your shipment.


Proper and adequate documentation

You don’t want to take your paperwork for granted. It’s therefore important to have with you every necessary document, filled out completely -and accurately. for most shipments moving out of the US, you’ll most often need your commercial invoice with details of the shipper, the receiver details, and the details of the shipment itself.

In some cases. You might also need an Electronic Export Information (EEI) or a Certificate of Origin. Your international shipping partner may also be able to help you choose the right forms or even make it easier so you can fill out, save, and submit everything digitally.


Provide accurate descriptions of your shipment

On your commercial invoice, do fill out your shipment descriptions clearly and accurately. Doing this the other way is usually the most common cause of delays that usually leads to goods being held back by customs. What are you shipping? What is used to do? Where was it manufactured? What is it made of? What is the quantity? How much is it worth?

Being clear about all of these will make the process a lot less complicated. You can even provide the Harmonized Tariff codes of your shipment, if available, to make things even easier. The Harmonized Tariff codes are used by countries worldwide in classifying products for customs duty and clearance.


Understand how much you or your customers have to pay

It pays to understand every cost associated with your shipment from the beginning. That way, you won’t get treated to surprises at the last minutes. Properly estimate the landing cost, from total shipping cost to transportation charges, and others such as tax and duty fees.

Your tax and duties will depend on the value of your shipment. You’ll have to be sure you’ve entered a correct valuation on your commercial invoice so your shipment does not get delayed unnecessarily.


Understand the destination country’s regulations and requirements

Countries across the world have their own rules and regulations as regards to international shipments. You can't ship bicycles to Mexico nor can you ship beef jerky to London and the entire UK. Along with some goods being prohibited, some countries also have weight and size limits in relation to your shipping mode.

It’s also common for some countries to require special documentation such as the NAFTA Certificate of Origin for North American trades and shipment or for government agencies like the FDA or its equivalent in your destination country.


All of these will prove important in making sure you have a stress-free international shipping experience. However, issues may still occur even when you think you’re well in the clear. In cases like these, it helps to know where to turn to. The US Commercial Service, for example, can help should you have any issue with shipping before, during, and after the process. The Canada Border Services Agency also has some sections of its website dedicated to import and export information for shippers.



Your shipping partner will also play a role in ensuring you have a smooth shipping experience. That‘s why our services at BYEXPRESS Worldwide are totally dedicated to connecting businesses, individuals and organizations with experienced and reliable air and ocean logistics companies for both domestic and international shipping.


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